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ENCONA offers VDA QMC business seminars and professional training to business and employees in Germany, South Africa and the United States of America and Taiwan. Since 1997, the Quality Management Center (QMC) has been available to German automotive manufacturers and their suppliers. It is the task of the QMC within the VDA (German Automobile Industry Association) to further quality in the automotive industry and the quality idea throughout the complete value-added chain of manufacturers, suppliers and beyond.

Schedule of VDA QMC Trainings in Germany

Maturity Level Assurance for New Parts (ID 602)

Appopintments:           15. - 16.09.2020

Location: Berlin or Zeuthen

IATF 16949 - Qualification to 1st/ 2nd party Auditor (ID 211)

Appointments:           21. - 25.09.2020

Location: Berlin or Zeuthen

IATF 16949 – Workshop for Re-qualification for 1st/2nd party Auditors (ID 240)

Apppointments:           29.04.2020           29.06.2020

Location: Berlin or Zeuthen

IATF 16949 – Examination for Re-Qualification for 1st/2nd party Auditor (ID 255)

Appointments:           30.04.2020           30.06.2020

Location: Berlin or Zeuthen

VDA 6.3 - Qualification to certified Process Auditor Week

(ID 321)

Appointments:            11. - 15.05.2020            07. - 11.09.2020          09.-13.11.2020

Location: Berlin or Zeuthen


VDA 6.3 - Workshop für zertifizierte Prozessauditoren

(ID 341)

Termine:           11.05.2020           08.06.2020          28.09.2020

Veranstaltungsort: Berlin oder Zeuthen

VDA 6.3 - Workshop for certified Process Auditors

Appointments:          06.05.2020           08.06.2020           28.09.2020

Location: Berlin or Zeuthen

Qualification to certified Automotive Core Tools Professional (Week, 6 Days)

Appointment:           02. - 06.11.2020

Locationt: Berlin or Zeuthen

Automotive Core Tools for System- and Process Auditors

(ID 417)

Appointments:           04.-05.05.2020              16. - 17.09.2020             07. - 08.12.2020

Location: Berlin or Zeuthen

VDA 6.5 - Qualification to Product Auditor (ID 318)

Appointment:          29.09.2020

Location: Berlin oder Zeuthen

FMEA - Refresher Workshop on Harmonised AIAG-VDA FMEA (ID 441)

Appointment:           on request

Location: Berlin or Zeuthen

FMEA - Basic Training Harmonised AIAG-VDA FMEA (ID 442)

Appointment:           on request

Location: Berlin or Zeuthen

If you have any questions regarding further course topics, in-house trainings or other questions, please contact us.